Friday, 26 August 2011

The Snow Farm

(I know, how cool is a SNOW FARM!!)

On Wednesday we all moved up to The Snow Farm – headquarters for the Wanake Sled Dog Festival. Ray asked me the other day if race site is what I expected – ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have never seen anything like this facility, so I certainly could not have expected anything like it. 

The primary feature of the Snow Farm is the miles and miles of cross country ski trails that zig and zag through the mountainside. The Russian National XC ski team is here training, as well as a number of Team Canada members. 

They are also hosting a winter Triathlon (XC skiing, running and biking) this weekend, as well as a paraboarding event and the dog sled races.

And on the 'backside' of the mountain is a 'Snow Field' for snowboarding. 

Somebody with vision had their hand in the design of this place!!! I am so glad to have had the opportunity to get to experience it!!


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Anonymous said...

I am a farmers daughter from Arkansas...rice, soybeans, and when I was a little girl, cotton. After this terribly hot summer we have had a SNOW FARM sounds delightful!!