Friday, 12 August 2011

North Wapiti In Review (7- 11 August 2011)

A wrap-up of events that happened at North Wapiti in the past week 

Bet had some not so breaking news about the Musher registering for the 2012 Iditarod.

Karen will be in Calgary  September 16-18 for A Weekend of Mushing for Everyone  click on the link to find out more information!

Turtle is having some difficulties figuring out which way is forward... but he'll get there with some time

Yearlings Fletch and Todd sorting out the whole "puddles are good" thing

North Wapiti is still looking for a handler for this winter (Dec - April), so please contact us if you might be interested and we can provide you with more details.

Bet opens up sponsorship to everyone, and announces a contest 

Bet and Karen were going to head out to run the Tramplings on Tuesday, but Cricket and the "big dogs" were telling them there were creatures lurking in the woods that morning, so no Trampling running that day.  Karen speculates that it was likely a coyote or a deer, but there are also moose, elk, and bear.  She also saw some wolf tracks a few weeks back, and there was a rumor that a cougar was prowling the valley.  Of course she also confided that the dog yard doesn't always "comment" on people coming into the yard, and they are often shocked by visitors to their door without having a clue they even pulled in, but if those visitors show up a "unexpected" hours or if they step off the path to the front door... they will be notified.

In a very common theme, Karen wonders what it would be like to have normal pets  Which prompted Bet to post a "normal" blog update while wearing a tartan snuggie and dillyboppers.

Karen points out the Neo really thinks highly of himself
That Cricket is FAR from normal

Bet is very upset that the Barrista at Starbucks asked if she was a Sheltie

On Thursday Karen found that the neighbor's cows were down behind the handler cabin.  Bet was ignoring them, Cricket watched them suspiciously, and Bait was stalking them.  There wasn't enough light for a picture, but here is the Cartoonist's rendering of the event.
Click the picture for a bigger view
Finally, Crickiet went to the vet yesterday for her rabies and general check up.  We are now playing: Guess the Cricket weight


Anonymous said...

Well now I dont want to offend dear Cricket, but based on my dogs I'd say she weighs around 120 pounds...not sure what that equates to in metric and since I have dial-up I cant check the conversion table on line. Also Karen, if ya really get in a pinch and change your "other dogs" policy, I (and my 5 dogs) are still available to be a handler. Well fall is here in Fairbanks. Yes! winter cant be to far behind. Think snow! Barb aka bigdogmon from Fairbanks, Alaska

Louise Midkiff said...

Time for Cricket to look like a sheepie thingie, or a white bear ruggie thingie or a "don't care, it's not a bear" thingie.