Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Crampling Milestones- Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies! I wanted to give you an update on the oodles of milestones that the Cramplings achieved this week and honestly its been a bit frazzling around here, what with my Auntie duties and all.  I'm still running back and forth between whelping pens trying to make sure the Cramplings aren't escaping and stealing things (an endearing little thing they've inherited from their mom), and putting up with Boo's temper tantrums, and babysitting the Boo Whos for her while she juggles work-life issues.

The Cramplings had a few major milestones this past week (or so... can't keep track).

First milestone was the first real food stuffs... and things!  The Musher smooshed up some of that tasty Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food (the official sponsor of North Wapiti and tasty treat for yours truly) with some warm water and plopped a big plate of it in the pool.  Needless to say, the Cramplings gave it 4 paws up in tastiness, and it even makes a wonderful poultice on the fur for that shiny healthy Pretty Curly Tail glow.

mmmm, tasty and good for us!
Hey look!  Not only is it tasty but it feels good squishing between my toes!
Of course, the good momma Tramp had to come in and do the dishes after the Cramplings had eaten their fill.  She's a neat freak.  Sometimes it gets annoying because she'll tell me that I have a hair sticking out somewhere and pull it, but IT'S STILL ATTACHED TO ME!

Sigh, a mother's work is never done
The next milestone was the first out of the pool!  The Musher was going to have a contest, but Darth Hellmann's... I mean Vader beat her to it and flung himself out of the pool to go nab a spot on the cloud.

You are unwise to lower your defenses against my cuteness
The final milestone was the Cramplings went on a field trip to the outside pen!  The Musher spent hours sanitizing, cleaning, making it all pretty, then moved the Cam outside so everyone could watch them frolic and play and get to see the outdoors for the very first time.... and they ran straight into the dog house and stayed there because outdoors is very loud and scary.  I would post a picture of it... but all you would see is a dog house and that's not very... fun.

The Cramplings are spending more and more time on the cloud and its up to me to make sure they stay out of trouble.  For example, I caught Trooper trying on some of my fabulous ensembles and modeling them in the mirror.  Um... I don't think so.

Here I am explaining that my ensembles are totally off limits, and so are my snacks that I hide between the couch cushions, and while we're at it, don't be scoping out my waffles.

 I apologize for my horrible manicure.  I just haven't had any time to soak and exfoliate, let alone paint my nails a fabulous color.

- Bet


Jan said...

So exciting to see these little curly tails growing up. Brings back lots of memories of my Natasha who left me in December after 16 3/4 years of sharing our lives together.

Shirly said...

Well Bet you will be a good Aunt to the Camplings I am sure, but be gentle they are babies now. Love their pictures.