Friday, 18 May 2012

How I Saved the Whole Kennel - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies, it's Auntie Bet here!

I'm sure you've seen the Musher's blog postings about her game camera, and the icky scary animals it has captured lurking near the house at night.  For this reason I'm not allowed outside at night without a security detail because small dogs like me make for a tasty snack to some of these icky scary animals.  I've told the Musher that I can handle myself, what with my trained Border Collie ninja skills and all, but she insists, so I allow it just to make her feel better.

Wolfius BorderCollieeatus

During the day I take over guard duty for Cricket, who works the night shift.  The icky scary animals usually stay away during the day (probably because of my fierceness) so about the only thing I need to be concerned about are those horrible poke an eye out beady eyed evil hummingbirds.

Does anyone hear that humming sound?
I keep my enemies guessing all the time by switching guard positions once in a while.  If they know where I'm going to be all the time, then they can breach the perimeter and attack.

Go ahead... make my day
I also lull them into a false sense of security by appearing not to be on guard duty so that they'll say "Hey, Bet isn't on guard duty so we can just stroll right in and take some waffles".

While I look relaxed and sleeping, I'm actually a spring loaded ninja warrior

But it's all a ruse to lure them in for what is sure to be an easy victory for me.

So, the other night I was escorting the Musher outside for the nightly Boo walk.  Boo is still bitter about being relegated to the garage with her pups and no Boo Who cam.  I heard her on the phone with her agent complaining about her lack of screen time, and she was telling the Musher her list of demands as they walked, so they didn't notice that some icky wild things had ventured very close to the Kennels!!!!

I immediately leaped into action and ordered my bodyguard (Cricket) to take the forward leading edge of battle while I ran back and warned the Musher and Boo!  The evil Coyote things were brazen enough to come near the dog truck and were working their way into a pincer tactic to surround the Musher and Boo!

While Cricket distracted them, I was able to fight my way through their forward lines, get to the Musher and Boo, then scare them all off with my ferocious growl and mighty raised hackles!

They scattered like scared baa baa sheepie things and ran for the hills.  Who could blame them?  Thirty pounds of pure fury and fur will scare just about anyone away!

um... well... ok, Cricket helped a bit too, and don't believe the Musher if she tries to tell you that I ran away to get back into the house and nearly knocked her off her feet in my rush to escape... it's not true!  I also don't appreciate her description of my fierce growl as being pathetic, it's not cute or funny, it's scary and intimidating but not when she's standing there laughing at me!

Eesh, I get no respect.

- Bet


SAY said...

From the looks of activities on the cam, seems there are some ninja warriors in training. Is Chewy as huge as he looks on the cam?

Anonymous said...

Awesomely funny!!!
Just love you to pieces, Bet! Fierceness & all!
Sitka & his Mom Lisa(ColsOH)