Friday, 11 May 2012

Boo Who Pool, Puppies, Puppies, and More Puppies - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies, its me, your Auntie non-roving non-reporting non-sheepy herdy Border Collie Bet here!

I was kinda taking a lazy day today, sorry for the long wait for the names of the Boo Who Puppy Pool. 

Most of you must be thinking that the puppies are wearing me out, and yes, I do expend a lot of energy running back and forth between whelping pools making sure each batch of puppies are fine, fetching Tramp some water, getting Boo another pillow, watching the Cramplings while Tramp stretches her legs, then watching the Boo Whos while Boo gets to go out and stretch a bit. 

That's bad enough, but I'm also doing what I can to be a muse to the Musher, who appears to want to go out and ride her bike, or run the Pretty Curly Tails, or plant flowers, or go out for coffee (without me... harumpf), or just about anything but sit down at the computer and finish her Tales on the Trail series.

As you may recall, when we last left off, she was here:

Sigh... she's only halfway finished telling the story.  I assure you that I'll continue to herd her toward the computer and make sure she finishes the stories before it starts snowing.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of cute little Cramplings.  For the Facebooks peoples, you've already seen them, and the Musher promised to get me some new materials, but then she ran out of the door to go wax the dog houses... between you and me, I think either she's still swigging that 5 hour energy stuff, or it rewired her or something.

Aren't puppy toes adorable?

Darth Hellmann's tiny itty bitty feetsies

They all really take after mom

Leia Whip and Padme Dijonnaise

Little Jaba Vegemite snoozing

Han Gray Poupon smacking Luke Chutney

Luke Chutney doing the mosh pit thing

Han Gray Poupon chewing on Leia Whip

Darth Hellmann's is practicing mind control over JarJar Tartar Sauce

JarJar Tartar Sauce looking forlorn

Darth Hellmann's

All of the Cramplings proving that the cloud has good sleepy qualities
Anyhoo, this posting was actually suppose to be all about the Boo Who Pool and who the winners are!

Yeah, about that... you may have noticed that the Crampling Cam was a bit akimbo yesterday.  I couldn't fix it because I couldn't reach all the way up where it was, and the Musher was off having coffee (um, without me again), and Musher Mark was watching the tv and apparently has never watched a single episode of Lassie or else he would have known that either Timmy had fallen in the well (again) or since there's nobody named Timmy around here, and we don't have a well, that my frantic barking would have clued him in that Crampling Cam was akimbo.

I know that a lot of people were speculating that Tramp had done something to it and was hiding something... like maybe while all of the humans were preoccupied, she had snuck into the kitchen and stole a certain container of leftover pasta and ate it all... um... YEAH that's exactly what happened, that's what happened to the pasta, and I merely got some of that pasta on me when I went to retrieve the container from Tramp and it got all on me... IT'S CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE I TELL YOU!

Oh... sorry, I digress again... it actually was nothing like that at all... apparently Boo is a tad bit upset that the Cramplings and Tramp are getting all of the cam glory.  When I say upset, I mean WHOO BOY is she mad, like fashion model diva throw a tantrum mad about her lack of camera time mad.  She threw a shoe at me!  I have no idea where she got a shoe, but when I came in to check on everyone, she told me to fetch her makeup crew and bring the camera in, and then threw a shoe at me when I said the cam was staying on the Cramplings. 

Apparently when I went into the kitchen to... um... drink some water... yeah, well, she snuck into the Crampling den and tried to drag the cam off the shelf.

Its ok, I've calmed her down by telling her that she will get to present the winners of the Boo Pool and that over 100 adoring Boo fans participated in the pool and two people actually guessed how many boys and girls there would be and so they both win, and that even the Prime Minister of Canada called to wish her well (I totally lied about that last part).

So, it is my honor to introduce the totally fabulous, talented, and 2012 Iditarod finishing (unlike that glory hogging Tramp) purebred Siberian Husky we all know and love.... BOO!  (she told me to say all of that or else she'd chew on one of my fashionable ensembles)

Here's Boo!

Candy and Courtney, please e-mail the Cartoonist at: so she can send your one of kind prizes... that means each of you get a one of a kind thing because if you both got the same thing, then that's not very one of a kind now isn't it... so you'll each get one one of a kind thing... you know what I mean, I hope, because at this point I'm not even sure.

- Bet


Samsibes said...
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Samsibes said...

I love the Cramplings Star Wars / Spreads names especially the "Vegemite" (yes I'm Aussiethey are so cute... yes Boo yours are cute too... they all are!

Alotapaws said...

Congratulations Courtney!

SAY said...

Those precious little darlings being called such awful names is just too funny. I have laughed till I can't laugh anymore. However, the name Darth Hellmann's is growing on me.

Shirly said...

Bet when you put names of iditrod insider, well I paid my money and am one, so you can add Shirly Stegmayer to your list it is a matter of record or is it another list with the same name. Any way I like your reporting. Love the puppy pictures