Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Week or Something of the Interwebs in review - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies!

You'll be pleased to know that the Musher and I had a chat last night where I made it very clear that I don't want to be shaved, dyed, poofed up, groomed, or have a bow in my furs, and she stated (for the record) that she had no intention of doing any of those things.  I now feel confident enough to stop hiding and go back to my normal routine.

Which is a hugey huge relief because you wouldn't believe the size of the fluff bunnies hiding behind those curtains... the size of large elk!

Anyhoo, here is the week of the interwebs review for the week... or so... something.

The Cramplings are growing like weeds and are very strong thanks to the exercise program their mother has put them on.  I hear they are going to be lifting weights (which is why you see the rawhide bone in the pool).

The Musher and Musher Mark have been debating on names again.  Yes, yes, I know, the last we heard the Cramplings would be named after board games, but since yesterday was that silly Star Wars day thing (May the 4th be with you... seriously?), they were thinking of naming them after Star Wars characters.  I have nothing to do with that, so send your complaints to the Musher. 

For all I know, since today is some Cinco de Mayo day, they'll want to name the pups after types of sandwich spreads... Haw Miracle Whip!  Gee Helman's! 

Oh wait... I've just been informed that the 5th of May is not the international sandwich spread holiday, but has something to do with drinks derived in Mexico because some battle was won... Gee Dos Equis!  Haw Corona... yep, I can see it all now.


The Musher saw a picture of Greta, who is Helen (who smells of cookies) Handler's dog fetching a tennis ball on a beach, and she started asking me why I don't fetch.  Well... A.) We don't have a beach... duh, and B.) unless its fleecy and says baa, or is a Pretty Curly Tail puppy, I don't see the whole point of running after a drool covered, then drool and sand covered tennis ball, only to have you throw it again.  I will fetch some shrimp with fettuccine, but it'll only be a one way trip into my stomach.

Then someone posted this on the Musher's Facebook page:

Then the Musher started asking me why I didn't guard her bike or ride on the back of it like this clever dog...

First of all I must insist that all of you stop sending the Musher clever dog videos because it's putting way too much pressure on me. 

Secondly, we live in the middle of nowhere, so who is going to steal your bike?  I've also heard that they've invented these really handy thinks called: LOCKS
Locks don't require bathroom breaks or their own frappucinos, and locks also won't fall off the back of a bicycle and hurt themselves.

Besides, I've told you a zillion times that I'll ride on the bike with you if you just put one of those cute little baskets on the handlebars, but I would also like some stylish doggles and a scarf to blow in the breeze.

Ok, now where was I... oh yes, the week or something on the Interwebs.

The Musher got the Pretty Curly Tails out for some runs this week.

Here is the BRILLIANT Todd in lead (of course he's brilliant, he's named after my Richard).

Here is a picture of the gigantic and strong Fletch next to Irving

I went along for the ride, but decided to run next to the quad because I need to get into shape for the Cramplings.

I have to admit that during the whole (dog) years of Iditarod following and blogging, I was getting a bit out of shape and have somewhat of a spare tire to get rid of... it was all of that peanut butter.  I've put myself in a rather rigorous exercise program to get back into shape.  What with Tramp making sure the Cramplings can pull a sled the moment their eyes open, I have to make sure that I'm equally as fit so I can chase them down and get them back to the house when needed.

oh hey what?  Ooooh, its dinner time.  I heard we're having lasagna... what?  A border collie needs some carbs for bulking up!

- Bet

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