Friday, 4 May 2012

Tales of the Trail 2012 - The Dirty Details

The breeding between Ophir and Cripple was my last on the trail breeding on this Iditarod. Because of that I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on the 'dirty details'.

So, the first trail breeding, which happened in Skwentna, was between Wifi and Tramp. It turns out that this breeding did not 'take'. We are able to determine that with complete certainty due to the timing of the birth (pups conceived on this date would not have been viable on the date her litter was born).  

  It was later determined that Gerry Sousa's main stud dog bred Boo in Skwentna. Gerry informed me of this when I saw him in McGrath.

The next breeding was on the trail between Finger Lake and Rainy Pass between Boo and Wifi.  As I had an uneven number of girls and boys on the team, I was forced to put an extra piece of gangline in or run a male and female together. After this breeding I decided to run Wifi and Boo together, since the 'damage' had already been done.

Again Boo and Wifi, this time in some overflow between Rohn and Nikolai.

Boo and Wifi on the way to Nikolai.

And lastly, Boo and Wifi on the trail between Ophir and Cripple

Boo is very definitely pregnant. Her puppies are due in 3 days on May 7th.
DNA testing is relatively easy and 'relatively' inexpensive these days, so it will be done to determine who is actually the father of Boo's puppies. And yes, dogs can have puppies in one litter that are sired by different dogs!

Wifi reports that he REALLY enjoyed the Iditarod this year! =)


Natalie - Snowdrift said...

OMG - snorting into my coffee... your timing - as always - is SPOT ON!!!! So needed a laugh this morning! Give Wifi a "high 5"...! LOL! Wifi must have been thinking... "Hell - Mom must have put her next to me for a REASON...LOL!"

Caron said...

I agree with Natalie awesome timing and the picstures are priceless!! :-)

Shanna said...

Wifi certainly was happy gettin his end away, but I'm thinkin' Boo has a pretty big smile on her face too!

Anonymous said...

So you think Wifi has figured out all he has to do is 1 little siberian sneak escape(attack) & he gets to be with a female for the next week or so ???

babs said...

hoping Boo really enjoyed the Iditarod this year, too ;)