Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Welcome Boo Who Pups - Bet

Whew everybodies!  We're just chock full o' puppies here at North Wapiti!

On Monday at the ungodly hour of 1am (please note, I was fast asleep in bed keeping the Musher's side all warm and toasty), Boo had her first puppy!  Unlike Tramp, who was all business like and shooting them out like a machine gun, Boo decided to take her sweet time with delivering.

Just when we thought she'd had all she was going to have... a few hours later PLOOP, out comes the last one.  We kinda hung around and didn't say anything because who knows if she'd ploop out a few more, but apparently that was all she had, for a total of:

2 girls and 2 boys.

Who's the daddy?  Not a clue, seriously... its a grab bag of puppies here, so we reached out to Jerry Sousa, whose lead dog apparently... well... you know... to find out which dog it was.

Apparently Boo's "boyfriend" was a dog named Maverick and he's from Jerry's Top Gun litter.  Maverick's father is from Paul Gebhardt's Governor (please note, not Paul's actual Governor of his state... we wouldn't want to start any unseemly rumors... Governor was the name of his dog).

So, there will be DNA testing done to find out who their daddy (or daddies) are and we'll go from there... but regardless, they are adorable and don't squeak as loud as the Cramplings.

Here are all 4 of them after they'd been (urp) cleaned up a bit more.  Please note the one on Boo's tail.  Yes, we are actually obtaining a DNA sample from Wayward D. GPS... just in case.

Boo and the Boo Whos are in their little nesty den in the garage area, and the Cramplings are still in their back room spot with the Crampling Cam.  If you are watching (the Crampling cam is at the top right hand side of this blog) you'll notice they're getting a bit more rambunctious and feisty.

The Musher and Musher Mark still haven't decided on a theme for their names, so I'm just playing it safe:


bakavi said...

Great colours. So hope they are beautiful and healthy. should be an interesting experience. Can only imagine you will have lots of takers ...if you decide to part with them.
Everyone looks so happy.

SAY said...

That cartoon and the names are just hillarious. Yelling, Darth Hellmann's "haw" would be a mouthful. So maybe call name of Helly.

Unknown said...

Are Tramp and Boo sisters or cousins?

Pat from MN (back from Tanzania) said...

Whew, glad to see this post. I just said on our evening walk with Spider, Batdog and Junior that I was worried that something might be wrong since we hadn't heard anything after the initial 2 brief posts. But it certainly looks like all is well - and we understand that you must be busy with all the new arrivals.
Thanks for the update. Can't wait to hear about the names. Bet has had some wonderful suggestions!

Shirly said...

Glad to see the puppy cam and they all look great, Boo who seems happy and will be looking forward to who daddy or daddies are. Were you sleeping when this happened? Interesting anyway. But Bet you will be so busy when they get older

Anonymous said...

The boo whos??
Oh this has to be the doctor suess litter!

jane eagle said...

Governor was one TERRIFIC sled dog! Could be worse!!! And they are all gorgeous, no matter what :-)