Saturday, 31 August 2013

Excuse me - Mighty UPDATE!

8/31/2013 - 1:15pm ET

Thank you John and Nancy Hermle!!!!!!!  I now have loving sponsors!  I am so happy!

Original post.

Um... hi everyone... it's me... Mighty, and I don't mean to bother you or anything, but I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time... if you aren't busy or anything... I can wait if you are, just let me know.

Oh, ok, you're not busy, good!  I'd hate to bother you or anything, I know how important and busy all of you are and everything.

Ok, sorry, I'll get to the point... no I didn't realize I hadn't gotten to the point, I'm so sorry.

Anyway, well, you see... I haven't been sponsored yet.

I know this is just a minor oversight.  I'm also sure that there's a problem with my sponsor button that is keeping someone nice from sponsoring me... yeah, it's the button's fault!

I know if couldn't possibly be that nobody wanted to sponsor me. 

I mean... even that stupid GPS has sponsors.  The CATS have sponsors... but I don't have a sponsor... sigh.

I'm a really hard worker, the Musher says so!  I've been doing some Wheel dog work, and, and, I pull really hard!  My goal is to get on this Iditarod team because it's going to be the cream of the cream of the crop and I want to be creamy and go to the Iditarod... so if you sponsor me, you won't be sorry, I won't let you down, really I won't...

So... ok, I'm begging

PLEASE won't someone sponsor me?

I put the button right below to make it easier too...

thank you!

Please note: shortly after Mighty's plea, some kind souls sponsored her.

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Polly said...

Can someone please get on fixing that broken Sponsor button?