Thursday, 24 October 2013

Damn Beaver (Pun Intended)

The dogs and I were having a simply wonderful run this morning! They were strong, happy and full of bounce!!

I could not have been happier!!!

And then (you just knew there had to be an 'and then', didn't you?) we ran into this...

I really don't like beavers.

I hate turning around and really it wasn't a great spot to turn a 16-dog team around anyway, so I dug around in my ATV bag and came out with my axe.

I don't carry a lot of 'safety gear' with me (yes, I know I should - but I don't) but I do always carry an axe.

That said, anyone who has ever used an axe to chop something 'not seasoned' and substantial knows it is not as easy as it looks or sounds.

But still, the only other option was turning around...not happening without a good fight! So it began...

About this point I wondered what I had been thinking and began to eye the back trail to see if I could get a team turned around....

 I only stopped here to take a picture because I needed to catch my breath and take my hat off....

And then I began to get close and the tide turned. NO WAY that tree was remaining intact! NO WAY!
(As you can see from the picture, the team was rather bored with my chopping by this point)

...and then (one blister and a fair amount of sweat later) it was done...

"Wo-RAH!!", said the girls, "Can we just get moving again??"

Yes girls, we can!!!!

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