Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Typical NW Week - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

For those of you that want to know what a typical week here at North Wapiti looks like....

The Pretty Curly Tails continue to train long runs now that the weather is turning chilly.

I have brought down my winter ensembles from storage and am trying to determine what is "in" and "out" this year.  I don't care what anybodies says... leg warmers are out.  They've always been OUT.  Don't wear leg warmers peoples!!!  There are things called SOCKS... wear those.


We're working on getting See to dry out this year.  Seems she had a bit of a drinking problem (mostly water), but she seems to be working her way up to the harder stuff and insisted she carry this beer can around on a run.

Oh sure, she claims she was just trying to keep the trail clean and pick up the trash on the way, but she left a crumpled bag, three shoes (I don't want to know who needed three shoes), and a plastic water bottle on the trail.  She may have to go into rehab...

Then Fletch went and got himself injured somehow.  The Musher has no idea.  He was fine one minute, then on a run she found a gash on his side.

He got some stitches and some house time to recuperate.  I think he just wanted in the house and wanted MY cloud.

Of course, he could have done it for the wonderful drugs (in which case he'll be joining See in rehab).  There he is claiming that his feet have wings and he can fly... if he doesn't stop singing "Wind Beneath My Feet Wings" I'm going to cram him into the bathroom.

Finally, the Pretty Curly Tails got challenged with the "Road Construction Crew" test.  As you may not know, there are plenty of road construction crews along the Iditarod trail and they need to be able to just run right by them and ignore the construction guys whistling and ogling them.

Ok, I totally made that whole thing up about the Iditarod road construction... but it could happen!

- Bet

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