Monday, 21 October 2013

It's What We Eat - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

Although we've touched on it before a few (dozen) times, it is probably THE most asked question we get... where do I get all of those FABulous ensembles....

oh wait, that's not the question... ahem.

What do you feed those Pretty Curly Tails that gives them so much energy and keeps their coats all shiny and they stay so healthy???

The Musher feeds all of us the absolutely tasty, good for us, and chock full of good things Eagle Pack Dog foods!

Not only is it tasty and good for us, but they are also one of our wonderful sponsors.  Go tell them how much you love them.

We all eat Eagle Pack... well, not the Musher, or Musher Mark, or the cats... honestly I have no idea what the cats eat, but if Bait's bulk is any indication, he eats stompy Mooses because he's the size of a moose.

Anyhoo, the tasty Eagle Pack gives the Pretty Curly Tails the energy to train long miles

Still have plenty of energy after their long training runs to dance for their food

Rocket Dancing Dog waiting for her Eagle Pack
If the Musher takes too long preparing it, they even beg for it!

Then they dig right in with gusto

Yep, Eagle Pack is very tasty, even I eat it!  That's how I can do all of my Roving Border Collie skills, run next to the quad during training runs to make sure everything goes well, and keep my coat all glossy, smooth, and FABulous!

Eagle Pack Natural Dog food!  Good to the last drop (says Cricket)

Thank you Eagle Pack, not only for your tasty foods, but for your continued support of all of us here at North Wapiti!

- Bet

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