Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sweatshirt Sizing - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

We're so happy that you are enjoying the merchandise we're offering!  Remember, all proceeds go toward the North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dogs' last Iditarod in 2014!

We're sorry for the wait on some of the bracelets, as the Musher is waiting on new paracord to get delivered.  There was such a flurry of orders, she ran out... and she had some crampy fingers that I was able to stomp on and straighten out.  As soon as the new paracord arrives, she'll be back at work making more.

Here's fan Christina proudly modeling her FABulous NW survivor bracelet:

If you haven't ordered yours yet, then just go here!

We've also had some questions about the sizing of the FABulous sweatshirts!

Here I am modeling a fashion DON'T for the sweatshirts.

Clearly this sweatshirt is a tad bit large for me.  To make sure YOU get the right sized sweatshirt, here are the sizing charty things (and stuffs). Measurements are in inches.

    S   M    L    XL    2XL    
Body Length
    28  29.5   31   32.5     34   
Body Width
    21  22.5   24   25.5     27   
Sleeve Length
    35   36   37    38     39

I hope that chart is helpful.

For those of you who haven't ordered (and what are you waiting for???), go here and get yourself one!

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