Friday, 4 October 2013

I had the Malaise, it pained me so - Bet

cough, cough, hack... sigh

Howdy Ho Everybodies.

I've been a little under the weather recently, but never fear, I'm much better now!

At the beginning of the week the Musher got up bright and early as usual, and got ready to do Pretty Curly Tails stuffs and things, and she asked if I wanted to do along and I responded...

cough, cough, hack, wheeze... can you bring me some soup?
She told me that getting out in the fresh air and getting exercise was the best way to get rid of whatever ailed me... um... seriously?

I don't think that she realized that I was really sickly until she came home from her Pretty Curly Tail training and called out asking if I wanted waffles and found me on the thin, cold, hard, really needs to be washed and doesn't go with the rest of the decore rug that I crawled painfully to because I had to pee but only made it halfway to the door.

I gave her this look.

She immediately packed me up and took me to the vet.

There was poking, prodding, manipulating, humiliating, and even things inserted where no thing should be inserted EVER

I was given a whole bunch of pills to take... um... no.

The Musher was all like "No, you have to take them".

Me: no I don't.

The Musher was like "you want to get better don't you?"

Me: Those pills are huge, I can't possibly swallow them.

The Musher was like: what if I slathered them in peanut butter?"

Me: or shrimp?

I acquiesced, but only if I couldn't see the pill.

So now I am all better, up and around, gacking only once in a while, but I have my energy back and I'm ready to resume my Pretty Curly Tail coaching...

after a nap of course

- Bet

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Becky and Husky Ryn, from Iowa, U.S.A. said...

Glad you are feeling better.....are you up to waffles yet? You should probably milk this for as long as you can........