Sunday, 20 October 2013

Rule #894: Don't Fling the Border Collie - Bet

Hey Peoples!

There are rules here at North Wapiti.  Lots of rules.  Good rules.  Rules are good.  They keep unfortunate things from happening.

Some rules include:

Don't duct tape Tic to a stick and hang him over the dog yard.

Cricket gets first dibs on cleaning out the soup bucket.

NEVER rub Bait with Vaseline and put him close to a fire

And now I'm adding Rule # 894... Don't fling the Border Collie!!!!

As you all know, I've been advocating for some time for a nice enclosure to keep me out of the elements when I'm sitting back seat on the quad.  It would also serve as a safety device for when we get moving really fast and have to make quick turns.

There's only so much strength in my awesome feet (that get crampy) and my toes just aren't vise grips, so I'd like a nice seat belt system, or perhaps a cabana... something to help tether me to the quad during fast runs, because THIS happened the other day

Which leads me to Rule # 895: Don't laugh at the Border Collie after she is flung.

NOT funny Musher, I could have been squished!

Seriously, I could have been injured, maimed... covered in icky mud!

It's bad enough that sometimes the Musher takes the Pretty Curly Tails on challenging trails to get them use to new things and stuffs and these trails have branches that reach out and smack you, or bumps and dips and twists and turns and .... it's just so exhausting trying to cling to my back cushion thingie.

Um... could you slow it down a bit, I'm getting urpy
So, until I get some kind of harness restraint, or a nice escape hatch...

Seriously Musher, this isn't Formula One, you can train them by going in a nice straight line
I'm just going to run alongside.

- Bet

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