Sunday, 20 October 2013

Girls Afternoon Out

It had been pointed out by a certain Border Collie that this month had been 'all Curly Tails, all the time', so I decided that I'd take a few hours out with Bet and a bike this afternoon.

About a half mile from the house I stopped to take a picture...

 ....and soon heard huffing and puffing coming up the trail behind us. It was my big, white guard dog. There is just no telling when she is going to decide to come along - and no changing her mind once she decides to. She is her own woman, that's for sure. Apparently she was joining us today. It was going to be a 'Bike Ride with my Bitches'.

I decided that I wanted to explore some deer trails I had been gazing down on during some of our recent dog runs.
The trail looked great for the first bit and then quickly turned into this ....

Obviously I won't be hiring deer to be putting in trail for me any time soon!

Beavers though, they might be a different story!

These slides were a blast....

Although they were too short and all ended in a bad way!

It seemed like they were already getting settled for the winter, so I'll have to chat with them in the spring to see what we can work out!

We explored the area a bit, getting to see some bits of the valley I never had visited before.

Cricket checking out a 'moose bed'.

I believe this is the lodge's 'dining room'. It appeared closed for business today though!

Cricket and Bet watching a few ducks take off from the beaver pond!

Not sure what this old rusted out wreck is. It is miles from any road or house!

I must admit that I was not exactly sure how to find my way back to the trail, but luckily still walked almost directly back to it. Phew!!!

Rather than head home, we turned and headed off to explore some of the new trails that the neighbour has put in! Nice!

 We stopped for a bit of a break, just enjoying the beautiful fall day and each other's company!

As we rode down the driveway ...

...we again took the opportunity to turn away from home.

I love riding this particular section of trail, as a few years ago when I started thinking I might like to take up biking, it was the first route I rode. I rode it with an old beat up bike, walked up most of the hills, rested about a half dozen times and seriously thought I might die at times. Today - with a great, new bike; a much different body; and a much stronger mind - it was just a small part of a much bigger and tougher ride. I walked none of it and only stopped when I wanted to take a picture or closer look at something.
Riding this trail these days always makes me feel great!

Eventually we ended up at the Beaver Pond Overlook.

I thought Cricket had opted to head home without us, but after about 10 minutes, she plodded into clearing and plopped herself down.

 We all hung out for a while longer, watching clouds drift by, a squirrel scurrying around, and a muskrat paddling in the pond before finally heading back home.

What a great few hours!!!! Thank you ladies!!!


Karen Czarnecki said...

What a wonderful afternoon for you girls... :)

Julie said...

Beautiful pictures. They all look like someone painted them.

Shirly said...

Great pictures but how do you get a picture of you and the girls with a camera??? I have seen other people do it but no one will answer how you do it?? Those pictures remind me of Colorado a lot. I was out like that. Here I see deer just moving fast across the road and a squirrel in the road almost hit one yesterday it came out of no where. But I do not see them in our pond or anything. So just wondered. What I like is you can turn those dogs loose with you. My neighbor farmers would hit and kill a dog. it has already happened to three I know so I am afraid to do that. I wish I could though.