Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Blog Contest

I thought that we would hold a little 'Blog Contest'. No raffle tickets to buy, no bids to place for this one. Just email me ( the answers to the following 4 questions. The first ten folks to get the answers correct will get their names tossed into a 'hat'. I'll draw one name from the hat and the winner will recieve this lovely signed Jon Van Zyle 2004 Iditarod poster.

Blog Contest #1 Questions

1.Last December, what gizmo did I say was like "Bell Bottoms and tunic tops"?

2. What date was Bet 'officially' introduced to the Blog?

3. Last fall I nicknamed 2 of my leaders "The Junk Brothers". Who are they?

4.What was 'The Crisis of Epidemic Proportions" I wrote of last July?

The answers are all in somewhere in the old blog entries!!

Good Luck to all!!



AndiLou said...

Well darn! I wasn't part of the group back then! LOL

Karen Ramstead said...

You don’t have to have been. All the entries are accessible at the blog. Look on the right hand side of the page for the links to the older entries!


AndiLou said...

Ha!!! found the answers!!!

AndiLou said...

I never thought to look for archived blogs. Thanks to the contest I can play catch up and have many nice stories to read. It's a very nice way for me to break away from my vet tech studies. THAT reading can be VERY tedious at times!!!!
Thanks for this contest Karen!!!

BADASmusher said...

Love the drop down menus for the archived blogs. Makes for real easy navigating!

Karen Ramstead said...

Still looking for 2 more sets of right answers!!!

Karen Ramstead said...

Congratulations to Laurie in IL!!! You are the winner of the first NorthWapiti Blog Contest!!!
Email me your mailing address and I will get your Jon Van Zyle print in the msil!!!

Thanks to everyone that played!


Anonymous said...

yeah. thanks for text :)