Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Prince George Dog Show

First off, many thanks to Kara for keeping the blog active in my absence last week.

Much to Kara's disgust I actually packed up Wonder, Tess and Q and headed off to Prince George, BC for a dog show last weekend. Finances have dictated that I cut back significantly on shows this year but this one had alot of things going for it that made it one to not be missed.

First off, I roomed with my very dear friend, Lynda at the show. Lynda and I go way back - many of you may know her as the breeder of Fly. She actually gave me Fly as a birthday gift many years ago.
She is one of those special friends that even though I don't see her on a regular basis anymore (we used to be practically inseparable when I lived in Grande Prairie) everything is just good and comfortable the moment we see each other again. It was a great visit!

My friend and favorite dog show handler, Cynthia Seeling was also going to be at the show, which meant I would have help showing dogs - and finally the judging panel was one that was very favorable for our style of Siberian.

Things worked out pretty much as good as could have been expected. I got lots of visiting in with all sorts of old friends and the judges were indeed inclined to give the nod to 'working Siberians' with Q taking 5 of the 6 Best of Breed wins, a cut in the group on Saturday and a Group 2nd on Sunday! Along the way he finished his Championship and began the 9th Iditarod finisher here at NorthWapiti to finish his Championship. Very thrilling!!!!

Champion NorthWapiti's Q

Wonder and Tess did not have as good a weekend. Wonder was extremely out of coat and Tess, despite enjoying the show she attended last spring, decided that shows are not 'her thing'. She did take one point on the first day of showing but by Sunday morning she had made it so clear that she was not having a good time that I promised to never ask her to do this again.
It has never been a requirement that dogs that live here go into the show ring, so I am quite comfortable making that deal with her.

I'd also like to congratulation Debra Bowles on finishing her gal, Mercy. The other Siberian breeder that was to be there for the weekend, Teri Turner only showed for one show on Saturday. She hit a moose on her way to Prince George on Thursday night. Thankfully Teri and her dogs were just shaken up. The moose and her motor home didn't fare as well.
Scary stuff!


husky mom said...

How much does handsome Ch.NW's Q weigh (just curious)? I love the location of his spots!

The Thundering Herd said...

Congratulations Q - awesome job!

AndiLou said...

What a beautiful boy! I love his spots too!!!

Bakavi said...

Q looks so capable of doing his job. Handsome boy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Q is so handsome and has always been one of my favorite NW dogs. Gotta love him!

Emily in Pittsburgh, PA

Anonymous said...

Awesome pix of Q !!! what a good lookig guy.

Chris said...

Wow,such a pretty dog, Ok, what did you do with the real Q that i spent time with last winter. ;-)
Only joking.

Looking good big guy.