Sunday, 26 July 2009

It's Too Hot Baby

Northern Alberta is in the grip of a heat wave. Now I'm sure those of you reading in Arizona, Texas and the likes are laughing at us considering temperatures in the 90's (F) of being a 'heat wave', but we don't laugh (okay, we do, but under our breath) when you consider 20 F as 'bitter cold'.

Because of the warm temperatures the activities in the dog yard happen mostly in the early morning and late evening. Most of the day the dogs (and the mushers) are lying prone in the shade dreaming of snow storms.

Yesterday we headed to St. Albert (right on the north edge of Edmonton - anyone coming this way has driven through St. Albert) to take in the Farmer's Market.

The St. Albert market is wonderful and large. They actually close down most of downtown for the event each Saturday!

Of course there is the usually assortment of fresh, local veggies and fruit -

....but they also have some great local crafts..

...flower vendors...

and entertainers...

...and other odds and ends...

(Soaking salts, in case you were wondering)

It was a lovely morning and we came home loaded down with radishes, peas in the shell, peaches, stuffed olives, homemade cookies and more!



husky mom said...

We take Denali, Rubi and Holly to a farmer's market almost every Friday, June-Nov. It's located in a shady urban park where there is a pond in which to wade! The dogs seem to make lots of other shoppers smile while we buy our corn, tomatoes and peaches.

Karen Ramstead said...

Sadly, this market doesn't allow dogs!

Lauri said...

It's 76 degrees in Ohio, and we are in the middle of the coldest recorded July ever. One husky loves it. The other? He just want to be where he can get pet.

granimar said...

Oh I do love a wonderful Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, this year we had such a cold wet/hot, dry spring that the plants just sat and said UGH. We're weeks behind. No real fruit in our area except raspberries. Sometimes we have truck vendors that come from Washington State or Utah and their fruit is yummy.
Looks like a great time,Karen, the pictures sure make one hungry for fresh goodies. I love the crafts, too, but usually wait for the larger fall shows.
Marlene, mlg

Katerina said...

Wow, looks so fresh and delicious! You must of had a great day.

The Thundering Herd said...

Highest temp we have seen at the house all year is 81F, so we totally think you are in a heat wave. Of course, if we are get off of our ridge, we might see 90F (not any higher), so we just don't get off of our ridge.

Husky Howllow said...

Love Farmers Markets. We go to one near us, not big but lots of good stuff and dogs are welcome. In fact some of the vendors have their dogs with them ... "pet my dog, buy my wares." I was talking to one girl who was selling home made dog treats and we found out that we had a common denominator .. Siberians. Not only that, but we were "related" .. owning siblings from the same litter! Both lived long lives and crossed within a few weeks of each other last winter.

Husky Howllow
Dugald, Mb