Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Trip to the River

My niece Corrine (yup, the one that wants to run Jr Iditarod in a few years) is up visiting from Seattle for a couple weeks. She's great kennel help and even better company, so we love having her around.
She wasn't however much interested in watching the NASCAR race with her Uncle Mark this afternoon, so she and I headed down to the Tawatinaw River

to check on the Saskatoon Berries (or at leaast that was the excuse).
Turns out the Saskatoon berries - like the wild raspberries and blueberries here in the valley - are way behind this year and not even close to ripe yet - but we found other fun stuff to look at!

Like wildflowers..


(I'm hoping this is a dog, but not entirely convinced)

(Great Blue Heron tracks)




(remnants of an old bridge)

(old concrete supports for the railway that use to run along the river)

... this handsome fellow..


...and even his little brother!!!

It was alot of fun and the NASCAR race was almost over when we got back!!

There are some more pictures at


Karen_SanDiego said...

And you're making that georgeous butterfly picture a jigsaw puzzle tomorrow right ???

husky mom said...

The pawprint in the sand would make a challenging jigsaw puzzle!

Tammy said...

love the pictures! Thanks for the mini-tour.