Friday, 17 July 2009

Blog Updates Made Simple

Kara here!

I was napping on my cloud the other day when I was disturbed by the muttering of my musher. There's nothing worse than having a perfectly good cloud nap interrupted by a muttering musher, except for having a good Dentastix chew interrupted by a muttering musher, but I digress.

It seems some readers were having problems with finding the blog, remembering to check the blog, and not knowing when updates were posted. I can see how this could be frustrating. Humans typically have to work and don't have the time that I do to spend cruising the Internet for Dentastix sales and catching up on the latest news on Twitter or Facebook. As a popular, Pretty champion and 5 time Iditarod veteran, I have quite the fan base and know how to market myself on the Internet, so I try to help my musher since her Internet skills are lacking... pathetic actually.

"I need something SIMPLE" she told me. Fine, I'm all about simple, especially when it comes to humans. For a bunch of people that can accessorize and tie their shoes, they sure can't fathom RSS and readers, so I enlisted the help of faithful North Wapiti list Reader Laura S. to write up an easy method for getting blog updates. Unfortunately, although it made perfect sense to me, along with easy to follow pictures and step by step instructions, it would probably be way too complicated for most humans. I will be posting Laura's instructions at a later date for those who want to subscribe via a "Reader", but I needed an even simpler solution for those who were... challenged in the way of the Interwebs (hehehe, little geek humor there).

So, once the musher and musher guy were asleep, I took over the computer and instead of signing my musher up for spam like I usually do, I enabled her feedburner and added a widget and ... ok, I probably lost most of you already, so in a nutshell, here is how you get updates, the SIMPLE way:

See that box on the right hand side near the top that says: Enter your email address? Click your mouse in that box, type in your e-mail address, click the subscribe button, then sit back and wait and all new posts will be automatically sent to your e-mail address.

Simple enough? I thought so, now send me a bag of Dentastix!

Oh, and if you have issues, just leave a comment on the blog. All comments are sent to my many minions who will be able to tweek the system or help you with your problems, but it'll cost you some Dentastix.



Helen Thorgalsen said...

Very well done Kara! Love the new widget!

Cheryl Dawson said...

Thank you, Kara. I think you got your payment in advance personally from me in Dentastix last March. Don't blame me if your musher parceled them out parsimoniously.

silvrwulf said...

Brilliant! Thank you, Kara!

silvrwulf said...

Brilliant! Thank you, Kara!

Hooman said...

That's great. And now if we can find those lost humans and bring them to this post.

Otherwise it's like telling them they can find their way home if they can find a map... which they left at home.

granimar said...

WOW, Penny and Kara----I think I've got it. [Hee Hee], BUT let me warn you, if any one can screw up simple it will be this granny.
Thank you both
Marlene, mlg

Donna Quante said...

We bow to the Queen---Kara!

Bakavi said...

A whole case of Denta stix for Kara

The Thundering Herd said...

Chuckling - I can only picture the side effect - Kara Spam!

Theresa Przybylski said...

How Clever you are! Thanks!

Laura said...

Much simpler and great feature, Kara the WonderDog.

Laura S.

Karen Ramstead said...

And I thought you'd be sitting around pining for me in my absence this weekend Kara!
Good work!

Nannette Morgan said...

Very well done Kara. You're not just a pretty face!

I also figured out that dashboard thingie too so now I have the blog also on My Yahoo page. I think I'm getting addicted to blogging!



AndiLou said...

So simple even southerners can do it!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

And who said opposable thumbs were necessary? Nicely done, Kara.