Monday, 27 July 2009

Life in a River Valley

Not only does the river valley give us wonderful sights like those I posted yesterday, it also means that the evenings and mornings can be cool almost year round. So, despite my complaining yesterday about the temperatures this morning when I woke up and glanced at the ceiling (where my wonderful Cabelas outdoor thermometer displays the temperature) I noticed it was 5C - cool enough to run dogs.
I roused the troops with only a minumum of fuss, poured coffee down the throat of one and Fruit Loops into the other and off we went.

The first run of the 2009/2010 sledding season was lead by the dynamic duo of Jinx and Rocket. I adore these two ladies - they are rock solid on their commands and really push the pace of a team. A dream to drive!
They were backed up by Bingo, Casey, Wonder, Trigger, Billie, Smartie, Astro, Snert (on his first run in harness), Q, Turtle, Irving, Rocky, Roscoe and Crunchie!

Aside from Astro and Snert getting tangled every 1/2 mile or so,

it was a wonderful 4 mile run.

When we did the 'go around loop' at the end of the run, Jinx and Rocket led the team out of the yard at a lope! Did I mention how much I like those 2 leaders???? =)

After the team was watered and put away it was still cool enough for Corrine to do a quick 1 mile scooter run with Runner.

(BTW Rob - she loves the new Pawtrekker scooter!)

Finally it was the Rice Krispies chance to get out.

The last morning task was feeding the little monsters -

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

Life in a river valley is good!


AndiLou said...

GREAT photos Karen. I love it when you share this kind of stuff. It helps take my mind away from this dreadful triple digit heat in the muggy swampy South. My poor dogs have to wait another two months before it is safe enough do any kind of dry-mushing outside.

robfrad said...

I'm glad she loves the scooter. I figured she would. I got up at 5 this morning and it was still 16 degree's down here. Went back up to bed, only to find my three sibs snuggling with mom and the AC.

Wishing for snow.


The Thundering Herd said...

Great pictures, though it looks like the pups are doing some serious growing!

Lauri said...

The puppies look like they are in that "legs and ears" gawky stage, but you still have to think they are adorable. Of course, I'm sure at North Wapiti they don't chunk up the way they tend to here. (Four mile runs - where's the van?)

Bakavi said...

What is the name of the light gray athletic climber in the rice crispie group.? I have an idea I picked that one out once before. What a pistol!!!
Puppies are such fun.

husky mom said...

That would be SNAP climbing the gate--takes after her mom, Sprite!

Karen Ramstead said...

The little grey pup is Snap - and she definately takes after her Mom - however she isn't a climber (she is actually jumping up in that picture), she is a JUMPER. She can clear the 'puppy guard' on the bottom of that gate without even slowing down. She's a brat and a half.

Helen Thorgalsen said...

Lots like a great team with such a nice wide variety of ages! I can only imagine the stories ROcky had for X when he got back :-)
Where was Bet with the running of the puppies?

Karen Ramstead said...

Rocky was indeed very proud of himself and had stories for both Mo and X!!! He is SOOOO cute!!

Actually Bet is still having some issues with her shoulder. She was walking with the pups each day and ran with them the day before, but I gave her a day of yesterday (much to her dismay).

granimar said...

Look at those pups !!! Gosh Karen, have they grown. Sorry about Bet, hope the shoulder thing doesn't linger, and heals completely.
The team looks great, I know it was a wonderful feeling to be out running with the dogs, and enough coolness in your face. Am sure enjoying the pictures and writings on your blog. It's a great substitute for not being there.
Glad Corrine is having a blast--it'll be such a positive base for her to build on as she follows her dreams.

ElizabethMC said...

GREAT pics Karen! Looks like everyone had a blast - even the the Rice Krispies! Sorry behind in responding - was on assignment! Dog show weekend!

Nannette Morgan said...

re the dog in left wheel - is that his/her fur making that ruff around his/her neck?!!!

Great pix!


Kaos Siberians said...

I swear, if you don't stop posting all these great pictures, you're going to have California transplants as neighbors...what's the job market like up there? :-)