Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Big Night for the 'Rookies'

I love this Budweiser commercial.
I like to think that, like that foal, our dogs look up to the adults in the yard and aspire to be 'main string' dogs.

Last night a number of the rookies earned their first 'main string perk' - a bowl on their dog house.

See, main string dogs get fed more then the 'B' string dogs (because they are working harder) so in order to avoid spending the whole day putting down and picking up dog dishes, a few years back Mark designed a bowl holder so the bowls could stay with the main string dogs through out the winter (I don't like the bowls knocking around on the ground - it can be time consuming to find them and they get dirty and beaten up).
The holders are taken off the houses in the summer and put back once we pick up water buckets and start watering at feeding time in the fall.

Our recent cold temperatures have meant it is time for the buckets to come in, so Mike has been busy hauling, thawing, cleaning and putting up the buckets for the winter.

Yesterday he put rings on the main string houses and at feeding time we gave each of the main string dogs their own bowl!

A big day for the rookies.

I asked TopDog and Fritter to pose with their dishes, but they were much more interested in cleaning up all traces of their evening soup!!

I'm not complaining - that eating ethic is key to earning a spot on the main string! Keep it up kids!!!



Kathryn said...

Since I'm partial to the Candies, I hope Turtle and Smartie earned their bowls and that they don't try to take it out of the ring and pee in it (at least Turtle).

The Thundering Herd said...

Agreed - I like that commercial too.

ElizabethMC said...

I like that Bud commercial too! And if what these guys have done so far is any indication of what they have learned, then they will be very successful as adults! Congratualtions Karen on a job well done!