Saturday, 31 October 2009

A Hard Day's Work

It's a miserable day here today. Mix rain and snow, muddy - just basically yucky! I'm trying to avoid running dogs by busying myself catching up on emails and other projects that have been on the back burner for a bit.

Heather Walls mentioned to me that online sweatshirt sales were not going too great and suggested maybe a blog entry would perk them up. "... we could use a Kara photo and plea from her--that usually generates some orders."

So I woke Kara up and asked if she would consider posing for a photo for me.

"Talk to to my personal assistant", she said.

Her personal assistant?? Kara has a personal assistant??

Apparently, she does...

...apparently that is why she allows Bet to live in HER house and share her Cloud.

So, Bet was roped into posing. No surprise - she hated the whole experience.

I made kissy noises, I scratched her ears, I whispered encouraging words to her...all to no avail.

I went back and broke the news to Kara - her stand in was a flop. She was going to have to do this on her own.

"FINE", she announced,"but this will cost you!"

Kara dreaming of the Denta Stix this is going to get her.

And here is the 'money shot'...

Thank you Kara! You certainly know how to work it for the camera!!!

And now for the details...

The sweatshirts are Hanes heavyweight, 90% cotton

Front pouch, drawstring hood

Deep red

Sizes M L XL 2XL (if demand, more S and maybe 3XL)

Logo in silver/gray with swirls in shaded of blues, from dark navy to
icy blue. "Iditarod 2010" in dark navy.

Heather Walls is handling the orders for us. You can order through
PayPal account - hewalls@gmail. com
or with a check made payable
to me,
mailed to Heather at 132 Ramage Rd Pittsburgh PA 15214.

They are $45 each plus shipping and handling ($7 to anywhere in the
lower 48; $10 to anywhere in Canada or Alaska. For multiple shirts or
international shipping please contact Heather).

Right now the Canadian dollar is virtually at par with the US one, so
don't worry about conversion. I will alter the blog if
changes on that front.


Anonymous said...

LOL - So sweet!! Great posing and co-operation between the two "cloud-possesers" ! We also considering printing such on our shirs actually! :)

Anonymous said...

hmm..I thought I was supposed to mark my name !? The aboce line is from me then..

//Richard "Nykvarn-sweden"

Anonymous said...

Way toooo funny Karen, Kara & Bet really give you good material to work with !

Karen-San Diego

The Thundering Herd said...

Always stunned to see that Kara shares her cloud. Bet must feed her denta-stix for the privilege.

But, Kara, we agree on the sweatshirt. We have one and love it. The bright red colors certainly get attention, the logo is crisp, and it is very good quality.

JHen said...

Great Pictures. Love my sweatshirt.

Beth G said...

Kara will surely help sales. Who could ignore a face like that? I've got to tell you, these are really heavy, comfy sweatshirts, and I wear mine all the time!