Saturday, 17 October 2009

More From Wonder and Karen's Road Trip

Back to Road Trip stories!!!

After our lovely stay atNature's Kennels Wonder and I were headed to Detroit. Our driver for this portion of the trip was former NorthWapiti handler, Kathryn. Kathryn's hubby Pete was caravaning with us in a separate vehicle in order to accommodate their three dogs, Wonder and all my luggage.

The drive was really lovely. I was quite enchanted by the UP area of Michigan (as everyone told me I would be!) and the drive was even lovely on the south side of the Mackinaw bridge too!

We stopped at Kathyrn and Pete's 'country home'. I had seen pictures when Kathryn was with us a few winters ago, but they didn't do it justice - it is BEAUTIFUL!

We stopped for pizza for ourselves and then to feed the critters and let them stretch their legs before driving the rest of the way into Detroit.

NorthWapiti's Jelly Bean (aka Beanie) and his siblings Nakomis and Dakota.

Beanie shows what a gentleman he is!

Oh my Lord, I must have died and gone to heaven!!!!

Thanks to National Car Rentals RIDICULOUS policies (I wanted to pick my rental car up 8 hours later then the original plan and that would have more then DOUBLED my daily rate to $206 per day!!! To have the car for LESS time! I could see it if my change in plans would have messed up their schedule with cars, but I just wanted to pick it up 8 hours later then originally planned! I will NEVER use them again!) we had to make a late night run to the Detroit airport to pick up my rental car.

But all and all it was a lovely visit and a lovely day!!

Thanks Kathryn, Pete, Bean, Nakomis and Dakota!!!


JHen said...

Great pictures. Bean sure has gotten big!

Jenny Glen said...

Was it the Cold Stone or the Timmies that got you excited? At Timmies I have to have a chocolate dipped donut and at Cold Stone I want a chocolate and peanutbutter mixed icecream!

Helen Thorgalsen said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

husky mom said...

Is that red maple leaf one of the bunch that you stole from the US and had confiscated at the border??? ;-)

Laurie said...

Boy you guys had a prettier drive down than we had!
We have a Cold Stone by us and when you get the chance again try the german chocolate cake! It's to die for!

Kathryn said...

It was great spending some time with Karen. It was neat having Bean see her for the first time since I brought him home with me.