Monday, 19 October 2009

Goodbye Winter - Hurry Back

It was fun while it lasted but a few days ago our 'early winter' said goodbye. Nothing much too take pictures of right now, as everything is all muddy and gross, so here are some pictures from last week.

The 'neighbors' check out the dogteam!

Mike is always impressed by the leaders just plowing through the middle of a field on command - so this one is for him!

I LOVE the tamarack trees when their needles change color!! So pretty!

Not sure what these berries are - but they look so cool with little snow caps on!

More of the locals - these ones wanted to see just how fast those puppies could go!

"Impressive", they reported!

It took a bit to convince the leaders to run right against the shoulder, rather then in those nice tire tracks!

X and Irving taking a breather!

Hurry back Winter, I miss you already.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, The berries look like they might be High bush cranberries. Great pictures, as usual. Hope your snow comes back soon. Ours is 2 weeks late, but seems longer. It is in the forecast for this week tho. Fingers crossed. Barb from Fairbanks, Alaska aka bigdogmom

JHen said...

Hopefully it comes back soon. I wish it'd come here getting colder finally. Those pictures are great. Irving looks like he's winking in that one of him and X.

Karen Ramstead said...

Actually, Irving only has one eye. One got injured a couple seasons ago and kept giving him problems, so last fall we just had it removed!

Chris said...

Wow Irving, looks great.
I remember just after the op when i was there he looked so different with no fur around his eye.

Really glad he has come good again for you Karen.