Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Dog of the Day - Barq

NorthWapiti's Barq's Got Bite
DOB - July 1, 2001
Sire - NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy SD
Dam - Alaskan's Jumper of Anadyr
Barq is part of the 'Soda Pup' litter - littermate to Sprite, Pepsi and Fresca (deceased). Full brother (different litter - same parents) to Dew and Gator.
Nickname - Barkus

Finisher of Iditarod, Don Bowers 200, Goose Bay 120, Taiga 300, Sheep Mountain, and Knik 200.

I used to refer to Barq as our 'Attention Deficit Disorder' child, as his attention span as a youngster was less then that of a gnat. Harnessing or checking feet on him used to be a sure ticket to a rodeo, but in the last few years he has actually settled down and - as I was sure would eventually happen - turned into a wonderful hard driving team member.
He is still not really a leader but he is such an asset to the team, it just doesn't matter!
One of Barq's more endearing features are his eyes - one blue; one half blue, half brown!

A very cool boy!

Barq has a long time sponsor in Cheryl Dawson!


Bakavi said...

Wow, assuming that is Barq on the left.
What a great "movement" shot. That should be in the judges education booklet, if there is such a thing.

ElizabethMC said...

YAY Barq! I have wanted to sponsor him from the moment I saw him! I do co-sponsor him now! What a handsome fella he is - glad to hear he worked into a fine team member. Go Barq!
I agree - that action shot should be in a judges handbook. This is what good movement looks like.

granimar said...

Barq was a super tennis shoe untier when we met him at 6 weeks. Even then he was everywhere, whether free walking or trying to get into the pen to feed. Fly did keep him under control though, didn't he Karen? That litter was special to me as was the litter in the next puppy pen---the Chocolate Bar Kids. Boy, time does fly. Love that Barq.

The Thundering Herd said...

We are loving the dog of the day feature. Way to go Barq.

Chris said...

Yeap, i agree, it is fun when trying to get him bootied.
And one very cool great looking dog.

Tammy said...

I love this new feature! (I love all the posts but getting to know the individual dogs this way is terrific.)