Monday, 26 October 2009

Dog of the Day - Bang

This is usually the time of year that I do a big mass introduction of the main string. Well, actually I normally do it earlier, but well...I'm running behind (surprise, surprise!) - so I thought I would do something different and came up with the 'Dog of the Day' idea.
I'm going to go through (in alphabetical order, so as not to cause any bickering among the main string dogs claiming to be favored and all!), one dog a day until the whole main string is introduced. I'm sure I'll miss the odd day or two, but I'll strive to do one a day! These will be alittle more detailed intros then previous years, but they are the stars of the show - they deserve it!

First up is Bang - and here are her 'stats'.

Official name - NorthWapiti's Bango
Out of the 'Mosquito Litter' named for a fictional rock band (based on the Beatles) that ran away to Gilligan's Island to escape their rabid fans!
Littermate to Bingo, Bongo and Irving
Color - piebald
DOB - July 27, 2005
Dam - NorthWapiti's Nahanni
Sire - NorthWapiti's Draco
Nickname - 'Bang Bang'

Bang was sold to Mike and Kathy Carmichael of Carmacks Siberians when she was a yearling. She quickly became a valued leader on their team and finished Race to the Sky and other races with them.
In the spring of 2009 when Kathy was dispersing their kennel, she and I worked together on placing all her 'NorthWapiti' dogs - except for Bang. Kathy made it clear that she felt Bang needed to come back here. Something about her being 'too good' to go somewhere else. Kathy was completely right and I'm grateful to her.

Bang has settled back into the kennel quickly and easily. She is already a solid leader,although she is still working on perfecting 'Gee' and 'Haw'.

She is a sweet little gal who doesn't like to get in trouble or start a commotion.

We don't have alot of pictures of her, but I'm sure that will change after this season!!

Bang is sponsored by her former Mom - Kathy Carmichael!


Bakavi said...

She is sounding great and looking good.
My question for the day:
Bango, Bongo, Bingo, so how did "Irving" get in there? lol

Karen Ramstead said...

That was the name of the drummer on the fictional rock band 'The Mosquitoes'.