Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Explosions!

Well, our little contest is over!! Congratualations to Kim Berg who won a NorthWapiti t-shirt - and many thanks to all that played our little match the name to the puppy game!

So now that that is over, I can 'formally' introduce you all to the Explosions!

This outgoing shoelace muncher is Pyrotechnic - or Pyro for short. The trick to telling him apart from his brothers is that his mask is alittle lopsided. 

Next up is Scud. He is the biggest in the litter - and the only 'traditionally' marked pup, even though he does have a fairly big shoulder flash.

Scud wasn't too keen on getting his picture taken. I asked him to at least look at the camera - and this is what he had to say to me....

I'm pretty sure that meant 'NO'.Yeah, these pups have attitude!!

The next brother is Squib. Squib is actually a favorite of both Mark and I. He is the smallest in the litter, but VERY outgoing and adventurous. I'm shocked there weren't more pictures of him in this batch, normally he is in the middle of everything! Yes, he looks ALOT like Pyro. The difference is in the masking! 

The last boy is piebald brother, C4. Very affectionate - just runs from one of us to the next trying to get picked up!!

And then their are the girls!! They all have EXPLOSIVE personalities. No little ladies in his bunch - they are scrappy and very outgoing!! I adore them all!!

This is Missile aka Missy. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

But push her buttons and you get this...

Just ask her brothers!

And then there is Molotov - or Molly. She is hands down her Daddy's favorite. He is completely wrapped around her cute little paw!! She has about as much attitude as Missy!! Here she is trying to be sweet...

...but moments later she is stiff legged and challenging her big brother!!

The gal has 'tude!!! LOVE it!!

And last, but certainly not least is Dynamite! I tried to shorten her name to 'Dyna' but it did work - she is Mighty - or Mighty Mouse!

We knew this litter would keep us on our toes. Their Daddy, Charge can be a headache of a dog to live with, but put a harness on him and you forget all the grief!! These kids show signs of being exactly the same. Raising them is going to be a wild but truly fun ride (please remind me in about 8 months that I said that!!)



PetraZ said...

there cannot be anything cuter than a husky pup!

Huskymom said...

Looks like Molly is taking a shortcut thru Dad's cute.

Anonymous said...

So very nice to meet all of them--they are sooooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this blog. I usually never do miss one. Did she get them all correct?
Every one of those pups is beyond adorable!!! Again, you & Mark are the luckiest parents! I have to agree w/Franki V about the cuteness factor of husky pups! These kids are off the scale. I just love their markings! Sitka's MOM

Karen Ramstead said...

Kim matched 4 of the names!