Sunday, 20 June 2010

Puppies EVERYWHERE....

...except in the house!

 After about 5 weeks of sharing our small home with Mommy dogs and puppies, this morning the last of the puppies moved out to puppy pens! (Which is why the 'Puppy Cam' link has been removed from the blog). The pups will still be making trips to the house to visit, but not overnight visits. I think we are missing them more then they are missing us!!

The Explosions are having a grand time exploring their big pen, squishing their toes in the sand and generally just getting really dirty!

They are SO cute at this age!!!

Their Mom is very happy too!

The Brits got moved to a redone puppy pen to make room for the Explosions. They are VERY happy with their new digs!

Fletch meeting his 'Grandma', who was visiting for a few days!
Hambone trying out the 'tire tunnel'. It's amazing how much they love this toy!

The Brits thank their Dad for their upgraded pen!

And have no doubt - puppies are cute at this age too!

Fletch and Todd

Handsome ladies man, Fletch!


Sherwood is VERY photogenic!

Sherwood and his Dad





Sleep tight babies!! I know I will!!

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Anniegirl said...

I know "Sir Wood" didn't stick, but I will always think of him that way and definitely will follow that handsome little guys' career!