Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A 'New' Use For A Pool

Today it is back to overcast and rainy here, but yesterday was a hot one. While I was doing chores I grabbed one of our smaller 'kiddie' pools and dragged it up to The Brits pen. I tossed it over the fence and began filling it.

The pups were convinced I'd lost my mind.

After I finished they all gathered around to check it out.

"She put WATER in it??"

"What is that crazy woman thinking??"

"Everybody knows that pools are for sleeping in!!"

"No, don't go in there!! You'll drown!!"

Eventually, I placed them in one at a time. They were very dramatic about the whole thing and quickly scrambled out

But I have no doubt that eventually they will figure out the play value of a water filled pool on a hot day - and muddy paws will be the 'norm'!!

1 comment:

mgailt said...

A little baffled by the concept of a "water bed", are they?