Saturday, 12 June 2010

I Do Solemnly Swear....

I, Karen Ramstead, do solemnly swear to never again purchase another tomato plant.

I will not be lured by the row upon row of tomato plants in the garden stores promising large, bright red, delicious tasting fruit.
I know I live in a heavily wooded river valley (which I LOVE) and that even quick maturing varieties stand no change when facing June and August frosts.
I will remember that this point has been driven home by countless plants that unselfishly gave their lives to help me learn the lessons of mine. The slaughter stops today.
I will not delude myself into believing I will remember to cover the plants almost every night (except for maybe July).
I will not dream of fresh mozzarella cheese, pungent olive oil, basil and warm, fresh from the garden tomatoes mingling together in the perfect summer salad.
I will remember that I have a nice greenhouse 10 miles from here where I can buy wonderful tomatoes.
I will accept the limitations of my environment!

I swear....well, at least until I find the time and money to build myself a greenhouse!


granimar said...

We called home from Wasilla this a.m. to learn that Belgrade, MT had snow and hail yesterday and a high of 33 [F]. This wasn't the year for gardening, Karen [except for, maybe, Donna's new greenhouse in Willow]. I'm sorry about your tomato plants and I do know the pain.

Nannette Morgan said...

So sorry about your tomatoes! Have you tried growing them inside in a pot or one of those new upside down containers? I am growing cherry tomatoes again for the 2nd yr in a row. The variety I'm using is called "Husky"! Maybe that's what you need to plant? ;-)