Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer at NorthWapiti (Helen)

As many of you already know I recently spent a week with Karen at the kennel. Previously I have been there in the Fall and the Winter but being at NW in the Summer was quite a treat with so many differences.

The most obvious difference is that Karen has flowers planted in all kinds of containers, in various different locations around the property.

Then of course is the vegetable/herb garden

and yes those are the dreaded tomato plants that did not make it through a frosty night. Karen was so sad about that loss and even after her confessional promise to never grow tomato plants again I found her here.....

Yup that's Karen shopping the tomato plants at Canadian Tire. I convinced her to let Canadian Tire grow the plants for a least a couple more weeks or better yet support her local farmers and buy tomatoes from them!

I am familiar with Stevia from the grocery store but had never seen it growing.
The leaves have a delightful sweet taste, yum, I think they will make a nice addition to ice tea!

Being at the kennel in Fall and Winter means wearing boots of some kind, but in the summer I enjoyed wearing a pair of crocs.
Except my feet were dirtier than my shoes!

Do you notice anything different about the window in the cabin??
It's OPEN!! The heaters were all turned off and it was a treat to get a nice breeze in the cabin!

Most of the dogs were blowing their coats!

We brought Pop over to the grooming table for a little treat!!

And of course there were lots of puppies!

And then there is Todd....

enjoying his little nap!

As we all know Karen is always taking lots of pictures

And of course there is Cricket....

Just keeping her eye on Karen as well as everyone else.

It was a great trip and a great time!
Thanks Karen!!



Chris said...

Hi Helen, thanks for all the pic's.
It looks so different doesn't it.
It looks like you two ladies had a fantastic time.
Cheers Chris

Pat in MN-now in Africa said...

Thanks, Helen.
Amazing to see the window open in the nook!! Great photos.

mgailt said...

Glad you had such a great visit, Helen, and for once, it's a treat to actually see Karen on "the other side" of a camera, but still taking pictures. I keep wondering how/where she finds the time to keep up the grounds, along with everything else. Good to know you were back, too.