Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Most 'X-Cellent' Update

So yesterday as I was heading back from the puppy pen I stopped by X's pen and asked if he would be interested in posing for a picture for an update, as an X update is long overdue.

He got rather indignant and said that he wanted to do his own update, as I was unlikely to get all the details correct.
"Are you ready??? Okay, write this down EXACTLY like I say it"

 "Are you getting all this??"
"Um, sure X. Word for word."

 "Now, this last point is very important."
"Okay, X I'm ....um...getting everything."

Alright truth be told, I didn't get any of it. But I'm pretty sure that what he said was that he is doing wonderful.  He is mostly on 4 legs all the time now. He still has a bit of of a glitch in his gait, but it isn't slowing him down at all. He's going to go back out on a chain in the yard soon and this fall he will, on a very gradual schedule, start doing some work in harness again.
There is no saying yet if he will recover enough to be a competitive sled dog again but nothing is off the table as of now (as far as I'm concerned, his recovery so far is wonderful - and I consider anything beyond where he is now to just be a bonus!)

And he wanted to convey his thanks (as do Mark and I) to all that contributed towards his recovery in so many ways - everyone who donated to the 'X-Fund', his good pal Richard, my Mom, Mr and Mrs. Geek, and Dr Devall and  the tremendous staff at the Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre
(X may not be as aware of it as we are, but we absolutely know that the success of his recovery is due to you all. We will NEVER forget!)

"Did I get it all X??"

"Obviously not. I'm sorry, my friend! I did the best I could"


mgailt said...

What an "X-Cellent" Interview, Karen! Sounds like X is a real "motor-mouth"!

Lela C. said...

I just wish it were a video, so we could hear him telling the story :)

Huskymom said...

"That's not X-actly what I said, but thanks for letting me speak."

The Thundering Herd said...

The Herd got every woo, so don't worry X.

Anonymous said...

Your prognosis sounds X-cellent!! We are so happy to hear from woo!! :)

WOOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe