Monday, 21 June 2010

Flower Power!

Thought I would share some photos I took around my yard yesterday!

You will quickly discover (if you didn't already know - I am VERY fond of pansies!!

Lilacs. This particular bush was planted as a memorial to the gentleman who built this house by his children.
My very under used hummingbird feeder.

Love these little 'ruffled' pansies!!

These trailing geraniums live in THE plant pot on our deck!

These guys are so purple they are almost black!! They look like velvet!

These guys are in the hanging pot on the cabin.


Peonies are getting ready to bloom!

The steps to our door.

The cabin porch.
These are wild roses that live around the house and kennel. They are our provincial flower and are EVERYWHERE at this time of year! LOVE them!


Pat from MN, now in Lesotho said...

Wow! Another batch of fabulous photos! Thanks, Karen. All those pots were empty just 2 months ago. You are quite a gardener. Thanks for sharing.

Dana said...

Pansies are my favorite flower as well. They are so delicate looking but withstand alot. I had some potted in the spring that were so deep purple that they were almost black. They were called 'Halloween'. Appropriate name I think. The place looks great. Keep up the good work. Cheers to a green thumb (except tomato plants- LOL!!!)

mgailt said...

I, too, love pansies, and have window boxes of them all across the deck railing. However, ya REALLY got me with the lilacs. THEY are my "very favouritist" flower in the whole world.