Saturday, 19 June 2010


Yesterday I received an unexpected treat in the mail - a $250 cheque from Iditarod. What a pleasant surprise!!! Usually, it is me funneling money to Iditarod, not the other way around!! What was the occasion?? Well, it seems the the wonderful folks at Schade Vineyard divided a good portion of the proceeds from the sale of their 'Iditarod wine between all mushers participating in the 2010 race - so $250 to each of us.Each musher was also given a bottle of the wine during the driver's meeting.

I hear it is a really good wine, but I don't have the nerve to open my bottle, as the team on the label is mine,  coming up bank into McGrath on the '08 Iditarod (each bottle has a 'generic dog team picture' and then an inset of a particular musher - so you can get a 'Martin Buser' or 'Lance Mackey' label with their picture on it, but the dog team on the label is still mine!).

What a very kind and appreciated move by the folks at Schade Vineyard!! I'm off to drop them an email to tell them just that!




Anonymous said...

How nice! I wanted to buy some, but unfortunately we can't receive alcohol products in the mail in Arkansas.

Rob Fradette said...

We have our bottle we got in the silent auction and aren't going to open it until the right time. Not sure when or where that is but have a feeling it might just be at a finish line with you one day Karen.