Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Crazy Cats and Fuzzy Horses....

It was too warm this morning to run dogs but I did manage to get out for a ride with my wonderful neighbour, Gabi this evening!

The ride started off on a amusing note, as Skippy, the Husch's crazy little kitten entertained us while we saddled up!

Melody, Skippy and Cello

Cello is a very patient horse!!! (And yes, Skippy jumped up there on her own from the fence)

"How do you make this thing go??"

Even though the weather was drizzly and the horses very hot headed - it was a wonderful time!!

Melody and I with the Husch's dogs Belle and Bailey (Bet has decided horses are not 'for her' and has hung up her spurs)

Gabi and Cello
I'm looking forward to winter with every fiber of my being (and blankets of leaves and fuzzy horses tell me it is well on the way), but part of me will mourn the passing of summer and these times very much too!!!


Anonymous said...

I thought you said that Mark's stupid cats were crazy!

Caron said...

Hey Karen

well silenting inside im crying as winter is starting by you and summer is now here by us in SA. Sunup is well before 6am now in the morning and I walk my 3 beasts at 5am. And today is one fo teh first hot days close to 30 degrees again. So enjoy the winter, Gods richest blessing s for Iditarod and I know you will make us proud!!!