Sunday, 2 October 2011

North Wapiti Week or so in Review - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, its your negligent roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet here, once again failing to perform her weekly reporting duties until now.

Have I mentioned that dogs don't wear watches or know how to read calendars... yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it... and the cartoonist is sucking down the nyquil again, so be warned.  She isn't following directions very well.

Ok, so here is what happened on the Interwebs since we last updated ya'll.

So, the Musher took Richard to the airport and then had to go to the doctor because one of her legs was all swollen up.

Oh my gah Cartoonist, it wasn't that big!  I said make her leg a bit swollen, not the size of a small blimp!  The only reason I'm posting this is because of a certain bath incident where a bath was NOT needed.

Ok, moving on... the weather is getting colder (which means I'll be adorned in some fashionable matching winter-wear soon), and the Musher is getting the teams out for runs, which is always exciting because that means I can sleep in.

We are also breaking in our new handler, Brittany, who hasn't quite gotten the crampy toe massage down, but she's learning.
For Brittany's sake, I'm attaching this picture of her, rather than trust the Cartoonist to provide a reasonable and anatomically correct cartoon of her.  Although rumor has it that a certain carrot cake was consumed in record time by two people in the house that shall remain nameless who didn't leave any for a certain Border Collie that would have liked a bit of carrot cake and didn't even get to lick the pan... so be warned certain people... I shall unleash the Cartoonist on you... just sayin.

Here are some run pictures also:

We also heard that our Simone handler fell off a horse and hurt herself in France!  Everyone here at North Wapiti wishes Simone a speedy and full recovery, and sent her this card to help her acclimate from mushing to horses
Click to make bigger
The Musher tried to rebut my story about the cow incident, but its just so incredibly NOT believable... even Mrs. Richard didn't buy it, mainly because we've never, ever... EVER seen Richard wearing a bow tie.  So, it still stands that I am a Border Collie Ninja warrior and slayer of all pot roast on hooves.

Then there was more running of the Curly Tails (while I napped):

Meg and Molly looking very regal and Curly Tailed here taking a break

By the way... Molly still needs a sponsor!  I can't believe that she doesn't have one yet, but she's so laid back and easy-going about things on the outside... on the inside she cries in her house at night and is considering running away from home to become an interior decorator, so please sponsor her... she's color blind and can't match furniture with draperies.

The Tramplings got separated this week because... well... ahem... for good reason, so Neo is all by himself now, but he seems to be enjoying himself by arranging the pen with manly man things and burping and laughing.

Bang and her daughter Missy are working well together, despite Bang's insistence that Missy needs to hang out with better friends and stop slouching all the time.  Missy just rolls her eyes.

Today Kelly took a big step in lead and made the Musher proud

Of course, Kelly is overachieving now because she doesn't have a sponsor  Pretty soon she'll be acting out, shoplifting at the post office, and hanging out with the old pups in geriatric park if someone doesn't recognize her skills and talent and sponsors her.

So, that's pretty much it:
  • New handler
  • No carrot cake
  • Swollen Musher
  • Good curly tails
  • A slightly broken Simone
Until next time

- Bet


Elaine MacDonald said...

Have I told you, Bet, that I love your commentaries? Absolutely love them.

Susan said...

So Bet, have you selected your winner from all the Iditarod Insiders yet? It's October and since you apparently cannot read a calendar I wanted to know if it has slipped your memory?

Thanks for the weekly update. I am surprised Musher even lets you write what you do, especially when you exaggerate things so much...