Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Perryvale Cemetery

As those of you that have read the blog for a few years likely know, I am very fond of the Perryvale Cemetery.. Actually, I'm pretty fond of most cemeteries, but since this one is in one of my favorite places and has a number of friends residing there now - the Perryvale Cemetery is at the very top of my 'favorite cemetery list'.

Once our training runs top 10 miles, the cemetery is an often visited place for us.

It has a nice 'off the road' spot for us to water dogs - and even a nice little outhouse (I prefer not to think about the day the outhouse was locked from the inside, but there was no one else around. Mark had all kinds of wonderful ideas about who might have been using it.)

Today was our first run of the season out there.

For some of the dogs, like Todd....

 ...Mighty and Missy...

...it was their first trip ever that way.
Everyone enjoyed the change of scenery and the bit longer run!!

Roscoe also put in his first real run in lead and did a great job!!!

I've been having great luck with rookie leaders lately!!!! Which is very rewarding and gets me very excited for the upcoming race season!!

Lots to smile about today!!!

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