Saturday, 15 October 2011

Taking Advantage...

This is a bit of a special time of year. We are able to run dogs just about each and every morning, but the runs are short enough that they still leave a bit of time in the day for other things too. And now that Brittany is around, that has freed up a bit of my time from yard chores.
Soon everything here will be all dogs, all the time, so I figured I'd take advantage of these all to squeeze in a few last moments of 'non dog' time.

Yesterday after a nice 15 mile run with the team...

Smartie, See, Tess and Tramp against a gorgeous tamarack backdrop!

... I had just finished tossing a meal in the slow cooker, paying some bills, and doing some cleaning when my neighbour Gabi phoned and asked if I could be there in 20 minutes to go horseback riding with her. I was there in about 15.

Cello and Gabi

 The weather was ideal and the horses alittle extra spunky because of it!! Very fun!!

 Today we finally had a nice hard frost (-4 this morning) and another good run. (Sorry, forgot my camera!)
After a 2 hour teleconference meeting for an Iditarod Trail Committee that I'm on I had to run into Athabasca for a few things from the store and decided to take Bet and my bike along.

Bet in her 'going to town' collar.
We went and explored a trail that I found a few weeks back and was keen to get on before winter set in. It wasn't as long as I hoped, but we managed to find a few trails that really weren't trails and make it 'long enough'.
We even flushed no less then 8 whitetail deer out of the bush!!!

We went all the way down the bank to the Athabasca River.

The ride down was a lot of fun - the ride up - not so much!!! Lucky I had my faithful sidekick and companion along with me. She is an excellent cheerleader for me...

"What's the hold up??? I want to make it home in time to watch the start of the NASCAR race"

Okay, maybe not so much!!

At the top we were treated to a some lovely scenery!!

These feel like 'stolen days' - and I'm doing my best to enjoy them. Which is good, 'cause Mark just emailed to say that the forecast for October 22nd contains the 'S' word!!!!!!!


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