Saturday, 8 October 2011

Exclusive North Wapiti Gee/Haw Mittens Now Available!

Howdy Ho everyone, its your roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here and I just gotta say that I've been ultra mega mega busy coming up with some cool new North Wapiti merchandise for all of our adoring fans!

In the past we've offered really comfy sweatpants that certain minions actually live 362 days out of the year in.  We've also offered matching, stunning, and comfy Sweatshirts that are both flattering and stylish.

This year I wanted to something really cool, something that would let all of our wonderfully fun fantastic fans show their Pretty Sled Dog pride, and also help them navigate through those days when you just don't know your right from your left... and then it occurred to me:

But not just ANY mittens, these had to be very special mittens... one of a kind mittens... EXCLUSIVE mittens!

I sent my design ideas to Musher Minion Heather and she came up with the ultimate you gotta have these, they are so cool and HOO BOY are they comfy mittens!

Introducing the Exclusive Fleecy North Wapiti Gee/Haw mittens!
These mittens have the words Gee and HAW embroidered on the hands, along with the North Wapiti and Pretty Sled Dogs brand names embroidered in there too.  Beautiful white piping separates the North Wapiti colors and the since the mittens are double layer fleece, your hands are wrapped in soft fleecy comfort on the inside as well!

Its like wearing a sheepie thing on your hand!

Put that pen down!  I know what you were thinking!  This is a family blog and I can't have you cartooning sheepie hand mittens!!!!  Stop it!!!

Sorry folks, now where was I?  Oh yes, the fleecy mittens!  These mittens are really NICE, soft, comfy, and practical too!  They're the North Wapiti colors and match all of our other North Wapiti merchandise, so you'll be styling this winter with your fleecy mittens, just like out high priced fashion model demonstrates below:

 Um... there's something wrong here, stop the photo shoot, I think we have a problem!

OHMYGAH!  The Heather Minion sewed the words on the wrong mittens!  These are totally backwards!  I can't sell these....

...what?  Oh, they're on the wrong feet?  I'm seriously firing my dresser... BAIT!!!!  Get away from the crafts services table and get these mittens on the right feet!

There!  Now see how comfy and stylish these mittens are!

Not only will you be the most stylish person out there this winter, but you'll know which way to turn when someone yells GEE at you!  That does come in handy, believe it or not.  The only problem you may have with these mittens is that they are so fleecy soft and comfy....

They make you want to take a nice long nap and use them as a pillow... seriously, comfy soft!

Now, while I'm enjoying my well deserved modeling meal

My assistant Bait will model the mittens for you

If you want the really cool exclusive, one of a kind, fleecy soft North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dog Mittens, all you have to do is click the mitten button on the upper right hand corner, which will take you to the page that explains the ordering process!

Order fast and be the first on your block with genuine North Wapiti Gee Haw mittens... now excuse me while I finish off my burger and fries.
mmmm, cheeeese


Ann said...

Bet needs Come Bye and Away mittens.

djqhusky said...

I love my mittens. Just the right size and toasty warm!

Anonymous said...

Love the mittens, I will order a pair soon. Just wanted to wish you and Mark a very HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING today. Love your blog.