Monday, 10 October 2011

Family Stuff

Every now and again I have to brush off the dog hair, scrub my nails, put on some clean clothes and be a good daughter/daughter in law to my family, who mostly doesn't understand Mark and my life choices!!! This weekend was one of those times!!

Mark and I

The occasion was Mark's parents 50th wedding anniversary!!

Mark's parents, Harvey and Sylvia - I know they certainly don't look old enough to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. 
The night of the 'big bash' (120 people showed up to celebrate with us all!!) I got time off from my normally 'official' job as family photographer - but I did drag my camera out on Sunday when about 70 of us gathered at the Ramstead's home.

Lots of pictures were taken....

Mark and his brothers!

Harvey with some of his many brothers and sisters!
...some games were played...

....many laughs were shared...

Brian discussing the 'fine art' of lefse making with Auntie June.

It was a very enjoyable weekend!!!

Bet made the trip down to Calgary with us for the weekend and got to play 'city dog' for a bit...

Bet - I had to break it to you, but that is a sheepskin rug.

 She's a very adaptable little dog.

My brother, Bet and I

Time to put away the fancy duds for the winter...

...and get back to being a musher though!!!!

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Berts Blog said...

That was to see all those family photos.

But I bet you were glad to get back home.

Thanks for sharing.