Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Not so Weekly Week in Review - Bet

Um.... oh, this is embarrassing!

Hehehe, yeah, um... howdy ho everyone... your not quite ready to give you the weekly week in review, but apparently I have no choice and need to finish some paperwork Border Collie, Bet, here!

Pop took a turn in lead last week, and did very well despite some distractions like mooses, moo cows, and a miniature horse...

Neo is now with the big boys in the regular dog yard.  He's been strutting his stuff and bragging to the Trampling girls about how mature he is... then he pulls their tails and giggles.

The Pretty Curly Tails took a trip into town and back across the river

Leaders Smartie and See show why they are not only Pretty Curly Tails, but awesome leaders (and calendar models)

At the end of runs, most of the Pretty Curly Tails are set loose to return to their houses, but Tramp had to go smack Charge in the head for spreading the rumor that the reason she isn't sponsored is because she's a hussy... or husky... something like that.

Once again, the moo cows were on the rampage (unfortunately Ninja Border Collie was studying for her sheepie thing exam), but Trina and that hussy Tramp managed to stave off the rampaging pot roast.

There was frost on the ground for training, so its only a matter of time before the snow arrives!

A tired dog team is a photogetic dog team

Wolvie and Scud in the frosty morning light

The Musher says that Scud, Squib, Molly, Mighty, and Todd are some of the best yearlings she's ever worked with.

Molly and Scud still needs sponsors!  Come on, they really deserve it!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to freshen up a bit.

- Bet


babs said...

Thanks for the entertaining update, Bet. That Tramp is something else! You must have an incredible amount of patience to put up with that girl ;)

Teanna said...

looks like you need a couple of Australian cattle dogs on your team...

free range cows???