Saturday, 3 August 2013

Catching Up and Getting Ready

Today was one of those beautiful late summer days with hints of fall in the air. Yes, fall comes early here!!!

We spent the time catching up on things around the dog yard/yard and starting to work on some 'pre winter' chores.

Well, that is once I pried Bet off my lap....

Seems she has decided that the best way to make sure I don't sneak out of the country again is to plant herself on top of me at every opportunity!

 Anyway....she kept an eye on me while I shoveled the yard and scrubbed water buckets.

Mark also had supervisors as he leveled Molly's run and did some chain maintenance.

R2 offered to help me deadhead some of the petunias that are on the bench next to his run. His definition of 'deadhead' and mine differ greatly, so I declined.

Snap has developed a brand new game that she just loves.

Now that my hair has gotten pretty long I've taken to wearing it in a ponytail most of the time I'm working in the dog yard. When I'm in Snap's run and bend over to pick up a bowl, scrub a bucket or such, she sneaks up from behind and YANKS my ponytail. Then bolts off, laughing. She thinks it is great fun. I'm not so fond of the game, but Snap is pretty cute and fun loving, so it is tough to get too mad at her!

Crackle gets a kick out of her sister's game too!!

Bet and I took a break to run out to change the memory card in the game cam. Lots of critters roaming around at this time of year.
I like how easy it is to see the size difference between this bull moose and deer in the game cam!

The woods are full of late summer vegetation...

A few things are even starting to be touched by the reds and yellows of REAL fall...

Not long now till I'll be running dogs most morning. =)
Turtle can't wait!

Chores got done and I squeezed a good workout in before dinner.

While I was in Okotoks visiting my Mom on the way home from Iowa, we had lunch with my in laws at The Saskatoon Farm. Delicious (and great company!!!)!!!
They had a saskatoon vinaigrette that was so good, Sylvia (my Mom in law), had to buy some to take home.
I decided to take some of the left over berries from my Mom and my foraging and try to make some myself.

So while dinner was cooking I whip up a batch!!! It looks and tastes great!!

Mark is not keen on 'fruit' in his dinner, so I'll have to wait till lunch tomorrow to really give it a true taste test!!

All and all, a nice day.....but Trampie says she is impatiently waiting for training season.

All the signs are saying soon Trampie!!! Very soon!!!

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