Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ensembles - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's a nice, chilly 56 degrees here at North Wapiti, and with the cool weather, that only means one thing!


That's right!  Oh sure, the Musher and the Pretty Curly Tails will be out training now that the temperatures are getting colder, but more importantly it means that I need to start my 2014 shopping extravaganza to find the perfect ensembles.

Since 2014 will be the final Iditarod for North Wapiti, and since I have the best fashion sense out of the whole kennel, the Musher has asked me to pick out the FABulous colors for the team's race in March.  I'm very excited.

Now, don't get me wrong... the Musher does have some good fashion sense when it comes to her ensembles, but when it comes to Musher ensembles... well...

Red/Black.... Black/Red.... I mean it's as if she grew up and only had the box of 8 basic crayons and has no clue there are other colors out there.

I told her that I would take care of the matching of the ensembles this year so she could concentrate on the whole sleddy sled training part, and she seemed happy enough to let me have that responsibility.

I went out and looked at all of the fantabulous colors that are available on the Alpine Outfitters site.  Alpine Outfitters are the wonderously fantabulous peoples that are making our lines for the 2014 Iditarod.

Go and buy stuffs and things from them, they're really cool

If I haven't mentioned before, they are great peoples and their stuffs and things are great.  Even the Cartoonist bought a harness from them for her slightly overweight, mainly lots of fluff and now on a diet thanks to the Musher Siberian Husky, and they both love it.

So, I've picked out some basic matchy match colors and want all of you peoples to help with the final decision making, so I've put a poll out on this bloggity blog.  Please note, the final decision is mine, especially if all of you pick some dreadful concoction, but I have faith that all of you have very good ensemble sense and won't go wacky on us.  Just look at the top right hand side of the bloggity blog and there are two polls... if you are looking at this on a mobile device you won't see the polls... so get thee to a normal computer thingie and vote.

Here are the colors so that you can see them in their actual glory:

So, what color do you like for the gang lines, and what color do you like for the tug lines and neck lines?

What?  Are some of you saying "Bet, what the heck are gang lines, tug lines, and neck lines, have you gone crazy?"

Oh, I forget that some of you aren't as in the know about the whole mushing thing, so I drew this very helpful diagram to show you stuffs and things.

So, the gang line things and stuffs are the main line that connects to the sled.  From that are the tug lines (because the Pretty Curly Tails tug the sled along), and then they are attached by neck lines so they don't get all tangly and go sniffing around for lovely dead caribou things and stuffs along the trails.

I've even shown you who the wheel dogs, team dogs, swing dogs and lead dogs are!  Aren't I clever?

Anyhoo, the gang lines need to be a different color than the tugs and neck lines because when there's a tangle, the Musher wouldn't be able to figure out what goes where, who belongs to what, what was a gang line, neck line, tug line, etc.   Like this:

So, get out there and vote on the new fashionable Pretty Curly Tail ensembles!!!!


Donna Wolfe said...

Dear Bet,

why do those dogs have no tails and no ears? Is this a new breed? How can they hear musher commands? The purple/red combo is pretty.

The Motley Crew
in WV

Anonymous said...

They certainly don't look like dogs - much more like sheep. I bet it is Bet's inner puppy that drew those sheep.
Mary in Oregon

Bonnie said...

I didn't know your dogs tangled....hahahahahahahahaha.....Just thought I was the only one.....

Pat said...

Furry informative, Bet. Timely, too, cause I was just thinking that the ole' gal who owns us cleaned up pretty good today to go shopping. I liked her outfit: combo of turquoise, & black with a touches of purple & blue. I think those would look furry nice all tangled up.

~Miss Moo

Allie Marie said...

Being color-blind, I have no sense of style. I'll leave it to your incredible fashionista abilities Bet!!

Barbara said...

I like purple and black, and blue if a 3rd color is necessary. The pretty sled dogs look great in purple!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Bet, you draw really good!
My first choice is blue and gold.
My second choice is black and purple!
All PCTs look great in any/every color!
My girls wear red and purple (separately)