Friday, 9 August 2013

Handler Wanted

We had had a good lead a handler for the 2013/2014 racing season, but unfortunately it didn't work out and we find ourselves now looking again.

The position involves shoveling the dog yard daily, assisting with feedings, occasionally feeding on your own, assisting with kennel and dog maintenance, caring for the kennel in our absence, helping with hooking up and putting away dog teams, and generally helping the dogs and me get ready for race season.

You would need to be reasonably physically fit. That includes being able to carry 25 - 30 lb buckets for fairly good distance; able to wrestle very strong, excited dogs around; able to tolerate and work in very cold temperatures; and able to get up early in the morning without complaint (Mark already does enough complaining about that).

You also need to be comfortable in a relatively 'remote' (town 20 minutes away - major city only an hour away, but not a lot of neighbours!) location on your own, as there will be times when both Mark and I are away.

Be aware that this is not as glamorous a job as most people think. There are no days off, the work is hard, the pay sucks, and the weather can be brutal.
After the first week, you will be scratched, bruised, stiff and exhausted. Things will only get worse.

In exchange you will get - a small monthly stipend, all your meals, your own cabin to live in (bathroom and kitchen facilities are in the house and shared with Mark and me), some scars, to work with some really cool dogs and stories that will last you a long time. We also have great hiking/scootering trails and in the winter cross country skis, snowshoes and dog teams to enjoy them. What better way to learn to run dogs than behind a team of Iditarod finishers?

This year will be an especially sweet year for a handler here, as our dog numbers are significantly down from previous years, so the work will not be as much (especially when I am up in Alaska with half the yard!!) - but there is still more than enough dogs to 'play' on the trails with!

This is also likely the last year we will be having a full-time handler, so if you have always thought 'one day' .... it need be now!

Position can run from anytime after September 1st or through till November 1st to the end of March. December - March are the definite commitment I need though.

Anyone crazy enough to be interested can contact me at



Dana (PA) said...

You know that I would be up there in a heartbeat if I didn't have a job and a house to look after...One day I'll be back up to visit. Good luck with the search... See you in March :)


Bonnie said...

You forgot the part about being good about poop picking....You get really good with a shovel....and in winter you get really good practice if you are a golfer....You can chip it right into the bucket....:)