Sunday, 4 August 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

I had to hustle through shoveling the dog yard today due to rather large and wicked sounding storm that was moving in.

I know lots of dogs are scared of thunderstorms and folks often ask how ours react. Honestly, almost all of them don't pay any attention to thunder.
In fact, this was what most of the dogs were doing while the thunder rolled.

Rocket - she was still dancing, I just missed the shot!

Turtle - honest, he has moved since yesterday.





I know some of our dogs that have gone onto retirement homes have developed a dislike for storms - but here most everyone is pretty mellow.

Notice I said 'most everyone' and not 'everyone'. Jinx and See are not fond of thunder....


....and Cricket?? Well Cricket HATES thunder!!!

Apparently grass isn't that great a place to hide.

Notice the size of the eyeballs!!!
This is where she weathered the storm...

Yup, that is the Cloud under there ..... somewhere!!!


Anonymous said...

I see Cricket made her way to the house. Well if storms scare her that is a good place for her. When we have them the outside dogs go in their houses most of them. Kira the German shepard who howels like a husky always laid out it them but I notice after her stroke she recovered from she now goes in the building something for twelve years hardly ever she did. I really enjoy the dogs pictures. Where is Crunchie picture??

Shirly said...

Hey I wrote my name in what happended???