Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Morning Walk

Now that it is August sunrises happen between 5 - 5:30, rather then between 3 - 3:30, so I stand a chance of actually seeing them!

This morning's sunrise, with some clouds and fog in the area, was shaping up to be pretty, so I gathered up the girls (Cricket and Bet) and went out for a walk.

The sunrise was indeed spectacular and worth walking to the top of the driveway for

Cricket seemed unimpressed and mostly annoyed at having to act as a 'bodyguard' for me at this time of the morning.

"Up all night protecting the sled dogs and then she makes me do a second shift as a bodyguard"......

Just for the record, I didn't ASK her to come along, she took it upon herself.

And besides.....I had Bet along to act as my bodyguard...

On second thought......CRICKET!!!!!!!

"Yah, yah.....I got ya. *sigh*"


SAY said...

LOL before I read the last lines, I was thinking yeah right, you had Bet as a bodyguard. Much to be said for Cricket's devotion.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I miss Alberta.