Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dog Houses

Over the years Mark has built hundreds of dog houses for our dogs. We have tried a number of different designs and styles but for the last 11 years or so have been using one specific pattern that he developed.
I'm not saying it is the PERFECT dog house for everyone but for us and our dogs, it is pretty darn close!!!

They are perfect for getting belly rubs on...

.....and holding up your chin when you head gets too big for your britches....
The porch is perfect for a chin rest!!!

Also good for practicing 'voguing' on ...
...and playing hide and seek...
...and protecting yourself from epic amounts of snow!
They are even large enough to withstand fat cats sitting on them!!!
Every time I mention or post a picture, we get requests for plans. Mark finally offered to update the instructions so I could share them - so here goes!!!

-Take 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood and cut it into 4 equal pieces ( 2 feet by 4 feet).
    - Put aside 1 piece for the roof.
    - Take 2 pieces and cut them so the are now 2 feet by 3 feet.
    - Take these 2 pieces and make a cut along the top so it goes from 24" to 21". These are your two sides.
    - Take the last 2 foot by 4 foot piece and cut it in half (2 feet by 2 feet). Take one piece and set it aside for the front.
    - Take the other piece and cut 3" of the top for the back.
    - The entire house is reinforced with 2x2.
    - To make the pallet I take two 8 foot pressure treated 4x4 and cut them in half.
    - Then take one 8-2 foot pieces of pressure treated 2x6, & 1-2 foot pressure treated 2x4 & nail them to the 4x4.
    - I build the pallet first, then build the walls up from there, finishing with the roof.
    - I put the roof on with 7 inches overhang on the front.
    - The last thing I do is cut out the door using a bucket as a template.
    - I nail a 2x4 across the front of the dog house for a chin rest. The bottom of the door is the top of the 2x4.
    -This should give you a nice 2 foot by 3 foot doghouse with a 1 foot deck & a roof that slopes 3 inches from front to back.
    -This house is built heavy so that it is stable in the sand.
Note - We have never had a problem with the dogs and the pressure treated wood.

Happy building!


Shirly said...

I wish my printer was working as I would print this out. Very nice the way he does some of it mine never had. I guess in a way I dream of the mountains, but I really know it is not possible now. But I miss them for sure.

dogu said...

Mark sent us this plan a number of years back and it is a GREAT plan. it's easy to build and works great. Thanks!

Cassie said...

I have a husky as well! My husband and I were looking into getting him a new dog house because his old one was too small! This looks like the perfect design and it looks like your dogs agree! Thank you for the post and the instructions on how to make it!