Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I, Bet....

I'm of the opinion that Bet is pretty happy living here.

She's fed well, plays hard, has great sleeping arrangements and is very loved - but she has always enjoyed heading over to Lisa's for a little 'border collie face time'. Dogs seem to 'know their kind' and in my experience, always enjoy spending time with their own breed.

Today I was heading over to Lisa's for coffee and she extended the invitation to Bet.

For the first time, Bet didn't seem to related to Lisa's Border Collies. In fact, she could have cared less. Eventually Lisa's pack ended up outside and Bet snoozed on the their dog bed soaking up the warmth of a sun beam.

On the way home Bet mentioned that she would like to renounce her 'Border Collie Citizenship'. "Are you sure?", I asked. She nodded her big Border collie ears and emphatically stated that she was putting all that in the past.

I hope she knows what she is doing - but somehow I think she does.


Anonymous said...

Of course she's happy there! Who wouldn't be?

The Texas Dust Musher said...

Need to keep an eye on Bet to make sure she is not checking wth the vet to make her tail curl.

This is all the fault of Richard putting her in harness this winter -- once you have been a sled dog, anything else is just second best.

Bakavi said...

She really is a cutie pie.
I bet she was soooo happy to see you guys when you got home.

Jenny Glen said...

I don't think she's given up her border collie citizenship, I think she's given up her DOG citizenship. I've no doubt she has decided she's a human!